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The Knitting Gallery, was the exclusive U.S. importer of Forsell Yarn and was distributor for many of the most important machine knitting pattern designers of the United Kingdom including Metbury Designs, Iris Bishop, Elaine Cater and Caroline Nelson, Pat Cook and Irene Krieger. We also have on hand patterns and books from over 50 other important designers. 

Final Closeout Sale

Over many years  knitters have come  to know and appreciate the extensive range of Forsell yarns and their exceptional quality. They appreciate the ability to create fabrics and garments that compete with the finest available in the world. Experienced knitters know that the yarn makes the difference between an average knit and an exquisite one.

Those interested in using original Forsell yarns are urged to contact us immediately for availability. If you click on the miniature color card located on the yarn page a full size color card will be downloaded. Sold out items will be identified.

All Remaining Forsell yarns are now on sale at 50% off regular price. While some colors are sold out, we still have a large selection of ranges and colors.

Metbury Designs

We are now down to just a few copies of each of the designs and disks still in stock. Those of you who are looking to add to your collection, or those of you who have never purchased one of these great books or patterns because of the cost, now have an opportunity to acquire what is left at a reduced price. All Metbury patterns, books, and disks are now 50% off original price as listed in the Metbury price list. We suggest that you make your selections early while there are still some to be had. We do not expect that our stock will last long.

Honiburd Yarn

Our last shipment of 4/2 cotton contained a batch of Lt Pink that was not up to the standard that we had been accustomed to receiving from the mill. It is considerably less soft and not well suited to the baby items it is generally used for. We are offering this lot at $1.00 per pound. It would probably make a great choice for dish cloths or some other use where softness is not desirable.

We have an over supply of many colors of both the 10/2 and 4/2 colors. Therefore, we are offering the remaining inventory of the Honiburd and Nomi Lee Cotton (4/2 and 10/2) at more than 50% off its regular retail price. The new price for all available colors is now $7.00 per pound.

Mary Lue Yarns

We were for many years a Mary Lue distributor for New Jersey and New York. We are now selling out our remaining inventory at 50% off regular price. We still have many colors and ranges in stock. None of our stock is from Mexico. It is all US or Canadian.

Please e-mail for availability of particular colors in which you may be interested.

E-mail: Sonia Burda

Phone: 1(321) 693-1078 (cell). Please note this is a new number!

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